Monday, February 15, 2010


This is a field where we grew tomatoes last summer.
Right now it looks cold, empty, even barren ...
I don't usually leave the ground open for winter, but by the time we got it cleaned up last fall - the plants, stakes, posts, string, labels and drip hose - it was too late in the season to plant a cover crop. So instead I ran the orchard mower over the straw mulch to chop it fine, and spread a lot of leaves and decomposed grass clippings over it. The winter cold, and the freezing & thawing cycles are working to break this all down and by spring when I work the ground, there will be beautiful, rich, soil ready for another crop.
I pass by this field every morning on my walk around the farm. I look at it and see it as it will be - rows of plants, perhaps tomatoes or peppers, squash or zucchini. Everything is lush, green, and healthy, free of weeds, disease and harmful bugs. The hopes of a new season.
All is ready - the seeds, trays & pots, bags of soil, greenhouse, the germination table, planting charts and record book.
I check the calendar, and wait ...

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