Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blown away again ... Georgetown !

Georgetown farmers' market on a usual Saturday morning...

A bustle of activity starting at 6:30 am when Main Street is shut down to traffic and the vendors (usually 25-30) begin arriving and setting up. Customers follow shortly thereafter, and by mid morning the street is very crowded with people.
(These photos give an idea of the set up, but as usual they were taken long before the busy time. They were also taken a few weeks ago - today we were a little more bundled up for the weather)

The atmosphere at Georgetown is very relaxed. Most people are not in a hurry. There is time to visit with the vendors, ask questions & share stories. Neighbours & friends meet and visit, catching up on the latest news. Families are shopping together. Almost everyone seems to bring their dog along. Never have we seen so many dogs of every size, shape, colour & breed in one place at one time.

Georgetown market today ...

It even started out wrong - we had to set up on the other side of the street, facing the other direction. It's not that we are set in our ways - but that was just wrong! 
And the winds were already blowing. The clouds were threatening, and we knew the forcast.
Several market canopies blew across the street as soon as they were erected - not a good sign. We used every weight & rope we had to anchor our canopy down. It was not enough! Our 30' of metal poles & tarp did the wave continuously thoughout the morning. We served customers with one hand and hung on to our tent with the other.

What blew away ?
...Our white plastic bags which are hung on the tables, looked like a snowstorm blowing down the street.
...The clear lids we put over the pints of berries for the customers - these make an amazing sound as they skip across the pavement (never to be found again).
...Any box/master that was emptied of fruit or even half empty.
...The pieces of carpet that we lay out behind the tables for us to stand on.
...Any container that we emptied of fruit and set down.
...Just about anything that was not weighted down.
Then the precipitation started - first a cold, wet mist, then showers (thankfully not thunder & lightening). Did I mention that it was also cold? And windy!
Wind, rain & cold - we packed it in early and came home.

In spite of all this, we had a reasonably good day. Sold out of peaches & white peaches, most of our pears, and a lot of everything else (except beans - anybody need beans?)

Looking forward to a much calmer, quieter market next Saturday.

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