Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looking for sunshine at East York

Checking the weather forecast is an obsession of mine - this I freely admit.
I always need to know what the weather will be like today, tomorrow, even next week. The homepage of my computer is Environment Canada's 7 day forecast.
There are 7 weather sites listed under my favourite websites.
And on the TV, I check CP24 with their continuous forecast - continuously!

I need to know what the day will hold, both on the farm and at the farmers' markets we are selling at.
I also know that the forecast can change frequently and can often (usually) be wrong - like this past Tuesday for example at the East York market. Showers were predicted for the afternoon or evening. We hoped to get a good morning of sales in before the precipitation. But it was not to be. Shortly after setup at 5:30 am the showers began and continued on & off - but mostly on - for the whole market. It was actually the 2nd Tues in a row with rain. The previous Tuesday was a wash out with very heavy rain for much of the day. It cleared for the last part of the market and sales ended up okay.

East York Farmers' Market is a great market. It is located in the east part of Toronto on Coxwell Ave at the East York Civic Centre. A small market, there are only 11 vendors, but many regular, loyal customers who shop weekly - rain or shine! They arrive on foot, by bicycle, public transit, wheelchair, and car. East York customers are the best! Who else would bring us ice cold water on a hot day, frozen water bottles for the ride home, boxes of delicious chocolates, dry socks on wet day, a hot snack on a cold day, barter fruit for art, and promote the market online.
We probably know more customers by name at East York than at any of our other markets!

Here are a few photos of the East York market taken at various times this season.
the flowers beds are awesome!

Our stall - notice that we are set up on the grass. You can see the dirt path our feet have made behind our tables from always walking in the same spot. No problem on a sunny day. Now imagine a heavy rainfall and the result - mud and lots of it!!
It was unbelievable last Tuesday.

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