Friday, November 19, 2010

The beauty of November

It's November and the colour is gone.

Gone are the leaves - the vibrant reds, oranges & golds have fallen and blown away.
The flowers have faded. The last of the fall mums, the rich burgundy blooms that I got at market in exchange for some pears, hit the compost yesterday.
Our Thanksgiving display in front of the barn - orange pumpkins, gourds of every hue, and the blue, green, beige & yellow squashes - was starting to ooze, and is now breakfast for the chickens (except for the gourds).

September & October were riots of colour on the farm. As we worked to complete our harvest and marketing season, colour surrounded us - enough colour to enjoy, even if we hardly had time to look at it.

In November our pace along with the colour has slowed considerably. The colours are there but not as apparent. Now we have to stop and look to appreciate them - the shades of brown, grey & blue, with bursts of yellow & green. The fog & mist the other morning added to the beauty.


  1. the pictures are kind of spooky were they taken early in the morning?

  2. Pictures were taken around 8:00am - there would only be considered early for students!!

  3. that would be considered late at night for students!