Friday, November 5, 2010

What's up?

It's been our first week without markets, and we're going through market withdrawal. We miss our fellow vendors, our customers - we even miss Toronto and all it's energy and activity. We don't miss the 3:15 am alarm - but we still wake up early anyway (and will for quite some time!)

So what have we been doing?
Volunteering at a 10,000 Villages Festival sale which is held annually in nearby Vineland and put on by the 3 Mennonite churches in the area. (see for info).

And on the farm, the fall clean up has begun. Pictures are probably better than words  so ...
I have started to clean up the tomato patch - cut & gather the string, pull the bamboo poles, pull the steel posts, mow down the plants, and roll up the irrigation hose.

The back hoe came and pulled all the stumps, including those big cherry stumps I talked about in a recent post.
All the branches and stumps & roots from the trees that we cut down are in a pile drying, and waiting to be burned - except the cherry wood which is good firewood and will heat our workshop next winter.

The garlic finally go planted! Demand for fresh garlic is great so it was hard to keep enough to plant for next year's crop. I managed to plant more than double the amount I had this season - about 4500 cloves.

The fall leaves promised to be quite colourful pretty this year - until all those strong winds the other weekend blew all the leaves off. Here are some shots of what it looked like ...

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