Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dining at Vineland Estates Winery

Growing great food is what we do here at Thiessen Farms.
Eating great food is also something we really enjoy!

This past Saturday we enjoyed an evening of fine dining at The Restaurant @ Vineland Estates Winery. The occasion was their "Cellar Masters & Artisans Dinner - the inspiration behind the cuisine." The chefs invited several of their food suppliers to be their guests at this 6 course dinner that featured our products paired with their fine wines. Each course was introduced with information and stories about the food, the supplier and the accompanying wine.

We have been growing fruit & vegetables for Vineland Estates for many years.
Their desire for the best tasting, colourful & unusual, weird & wonderful, locally grown produce is what started us growing many of the things that we grow. It has been a beneficial and satisfying partnership for both them and us!

Saturday's dinner included our squash in the "Hand-Stuffed Fazzoletti of Thiessen Squash, Upper Canada Ricotta with Local Fall Vegetables, and White Meadows Maple Accent." Needless to say it was my favourite course! The full menu is still available to be seen on the Vineland Estates website at (Their website is also where I borrowed the pictures from.)

The coolest part of the evening was the "Taste Party: Playing with your food..."
We were given a small pill to dissolve on our tongue. It was made of dried miracle berries, an African fruit that has the extraordinary property of changing the taste of sour foods to sweet. After dissolving the pill, we sampled lime, lemon & orange slices, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, mustard ... The lemons tasted like sweet lemonade, the goat cheese like cheesecake - everything that is sour tasted extremely sweet. It was wild!! If you ever have the chance to try this miracle berry pill go for it!

Without a doubt, everyone who attended this dinner (probably around 50 people) - customers & suppliers alike, enjoyed it tremendously.

Thank you Chef Jan & Chef Justin!


  1. I ate here this summer with my mom and husband and it was fantastic. Best view in Niagara and one of the best meals I've ever had. That's very cool to know you are a supplier.

  2. You're right Tiffany.
    The view is great. Then add the food - WOW!