Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow, Seeds, and Simplify

The temperature was -17 C this morning. That's pretty cold for Niagara. But the sun was shining - a beautiful day! Walking around the farm this morning, the snow was crunchy and the air crisp. There's enough snow that it's more of a trudge than a walk but Meesha & I enjoy it anyways. We cheat and walk home along the train tracks where there is less snow & the walking is easier. 

Now that there is too much snow to be out pruning trees, much of my time is spent in the office - catching up on book work, planning for the coming season and my favourite - reading seed catalogues & ordering seeds.

I have been known to get carried away, so this year my goal was to simplify - order less varieties of vegetables & herbs, from less seed companies. You know, stick to the basics from a couple places.
The results ... I ordered seeds from 11 different companies - in Ontario, BC, PEI, and the States. I kept the varieties down to 15 kinds of carrots, 21 winter squash, 23 eggplants, 27 lettuces, 30 hot peppers, & only 93 kinds of tomatoes. And just a handful of most other things.
Somewhat of a success I guess!

The problem is that it's only the middle of January. I may cave yet and order just a few more ...


  1. Some of the best seeds around!!

  2. Only 93 varieties of tomatoes. Now that is controll

  3. Can't wait to try some of the results!

  4. I love this blog. Always makes me smile to read it.