Monday, February 28, 2011

A few days away

It's always good to get away!

With winter almost over, and vegetable seeding starting this week, Lorie & I realized we were running out of time before things got busy on the farm.
So last week we headed south for a few days - no, not Florida, not Myrtle Beach, but Ohio.

Why Ohio?
1. Amish country - Holmes county is the largest settlement of Amish in the USA.
2. It's close - just over 4 hours from home.
3. Relatives in Cleveland to visit.

It is a beautiful, scenic area, very hilly with narrow winding roads, lots of farms and small businesses. Many of the towns (Millersburg, Berlin, Walnut Creek ...) also cater to tourists with shops, restaurants, tours ... all building on the Amish theme.

We enjoyed driving around the countryside checking out the farms. It's interesting to see how the Amish farm - their crops, animals, buildings, which farm equipment & technology they use - and compare it to the way we do things. We got some ideas & inspiration!

Sleeping in, swimming, relaxing in the hot tub, eating at the many Amish restaurants, checking out the many bakeries & cheese factories - we had a great time!

But it's good to be home - today we seed the first herbs & vegetables. The season has begun!


  1. I hope you didnt get the amish idea of getting rid of your tractors!

  2. What's the matter - aren't you any good with horses?