Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anniversary trip

I like to be at home!
I like my farm ... I like my bed ... I like the comfort of my daily routine ...

But I also like my wife - actually I love my wife.
So when a trip was suggested - to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary - I decided to like travelling too.

We compromised ... driving, not flying ... away for more than a week, but less than 2  ... looking at farms, but also the ocean ... no cooking allowed!

We began with a few days in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, driving around and enjoying the beautiful Amish farms and taking in a live show "Miracle of Christmas" at the famous Sight & Sound Theatre ( ).

 covered bridge
 pumpkins (musquee de provence?) left unpicked in the field
Amish farmer mowing corn stubble

Then it was on to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where the weather was sunny & warm, the ocean beautiful, and the week very relaxing.

 The ocean in front of our hotel

 Sunrise from our balcony
This was in our hotel. Our morning routine included
a coffee and a long walk on the beach.

Here's a crop we don't grow on our farm ...

 Fields of cotton in South Carolina
Bales of cotton ready to be shipped
Combine on a busy highway
So glad we don't farm terrain like this in Virginia
A popular picture spot - Mabry Mill along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

We both agreed - it was a great trip!

... It's also great to be back home!


  1. those are some very nice pictures. Looks like the hotel was on a prime piece of real estate