Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rhubarb works of art

The first rhubarb dessert of the season is indeed a celebration of spring!
Today we celebrated in a big way. Lorie created a work of art which we shared with guests at supper. We call it "Edith's Rhubarb Square" - named after our friend who generously shared her recipe with us. It's something between a cake and a pie, filled with rhubarb, and topped with slivered almonds. Amazing!! 
Here's where the rhubarb comes from. We have just a few plants in the garden - used to have more but there was no demand for rhubarb and so we removed most of them. Now we can't seem to get enough, so I've planted some more again. It's an easy plant to grow, requiring little care or attention.

And then, just to get a little more out of our rhubarb, Lorie uses the leaves as a mold to make concrete stepping stones. These are set in a gravel path. Thyme grows in between others which looks really great!

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  1. Would you mind sharing Edith's Rhubarb Square recipe? It looks delicious.