Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good Growing

All over the farm things are really growing now!

Here are a few pictures I took this afternoon - mostly of the vegetables and blackberries. Right now the fruit trees don't look particularly photogenic - it's their awkward time when the blossoms are mostly finished, the leaves are just starting and no fruit to be seen yet. (I also wanted some time to relax and put my feet up - ie. too lazy to walk out to the orchard to snap some shots).

Inside the greenhouse we've been busy transplanting tomatoes, peppers and all sorts of herbs. Our first farmers' market - in Grimsby - opens this week and we are expected to be there. Not too much to sell now. The herbs are a little small but we'll pick out the biggest plants out to sell. Tomato plants are about ready, but it's still risky to suggest that gardeners set them out in the ground. I guess we could pull a few stalks of rhubarb?

And lastly a picture of the tulips around our deck.

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