Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Allee

Growing up, I was taught that prime tender fruit land like ours was scarce, expensive and not to be wasted.

All available land was planted to fruit bearing trees - sour cherries right up to the side of our house, apricots in the backyard, and a big, old sweet cherry tree on the front lawn. Pear trees grew along the banks of the drainage ditches, hanging out over the water so we could hardly pick them. Even the farm equipment stored behind the barn was parked between peach trees.
So it was with a certain amount of guilt that I planted my allee a couple of years ago.
An allee is 2 rows of trees closely spaced, with a path between. They are common in Europe - often seen in British gardens. For years I admired allees in garden magazines and dreamed of planting one on the farm. But it was not a practical idea. What kind of fruit trees would be suitable and where could I fit it in? When a friend who has a nursery offered me some crabapple trees, I grabbed the opportunity - and the trees - and finally got my allee.
It does takes up valuable fruit land without producing any fruit. It is certainly not practical. And the beautiful, spring flowers don`t even last more than a few days.
 But I love it! Last week was it`s heyday and here`s what it looked like...

Even Meesha was in awe of it`s beauty!

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  1. So beautiful. Wish I had one just like it!