Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Fruits

Remember all the blossom pictures I posted just a short time ago?
Here's what the trees look like now. It's amazing how fast the fruit
These are the apricots. They blossomed a month ago.

These are yellow plums - still very small and hard to find.

Peaches - it has been less than 3 weeks since they were in blossom.

And finally cherries.

Most of the fruit still has part of the blossom attached - called the shuck.
The blossom set looks good at this point - lots of fruit! However much of this will still fall off. The cherry picture does not show it well but already some fruit are growing and others are staying small and will soon fall off. That's normal.
Two nights this week we have had a slight frost but I don't think it hurt the fruit much.

This last picture is our garlic patch - also looking good!

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  1. Oh, looks so beautiful. I wish we lived closer to benefit from the harvest. My mouth is watering just thinking about it (friends of Nancy's from Goshen, IN - my children still talk about our visit to the Thiessen Farm in 08/08. - Marlene P