Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Markets start again!

Our farmers' markets have started again!

Last Thursday afternoon we began at the Grimsby Farmers' Market,
and today was the 1st market of the season at East York (East York Civic Centre on Coxwell Ave. in Toronto).
First market days of the year are always stressful! Have we remembered everything we need to set up shop? Will we wake up in time? Or more likely - will we sleep at all the night before market? Will the customers come? Will they want to buy our stuff?
And as usual, the worry is for nothing. So many familiar faces welcomed us back and so many were anxious to purchase our products. Today we offered tomato plants, herb plants, pea shoots and cookbooks. Not a lot of products but lots of variety nonetheless. We had 37 different herbs (later we'll have 55), 8 kinds of tomatoes (out of the 100+ kinds we grow), and 3 different cookbooks. Not a bad start!

As is often the case, we had our camera today but never thought to take any pictures until late in the market. Notice only 2 kinds of tomatoes remain - a good thing for us, but a disappointment for many customers.

Here's a look at our set up last week at Grimsby. At this market we also sell rhubarb, homemade jam, and fruit syrup.

So the market season begins...
Now 2 markets per week, soon 3 and by early June we will be selling at 4 farmers' markets each week.
Tuesday - East York Civic Centre in Toronto
Thursday - North York Civic Centre (Mel Lastman Square) in Toronto
Thursday afternoon - Grimsby
Saturday morning - downtown Georgetown (just west of Toronto).

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