Friday, May 21, 2010

Tomato planting

We planted tomatoes this week - some on Monday and the rest today. The weather has been great, and if we get some showers tomorrow, so much the better for the new transplants.
This season we will grow about 2000 plants - over 100 varieties - all sizes, all colours, even all shapes. Most of them will be heirloom or heritage varieties along with a few choice modern hybrids. All the tomato plants were started from seed in our hoophouse beginning March 1. Every week I would seed a dozen flats or so as there was room (see blog post from Feb.22). As they sprouted I moved them from the germination table into the hoophouse. Then we transplanted them into 4" pots and moved them on to the big hoophouse. Now they are finally ready to go out into the real world - with real soil, sun, rain, wind, insects & diseases.

Here's the crew hard at work!

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