Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jitneys 101

What is a jitney?
A jitney is the primary means of transporting people and produce around the farm.

What does a jitney look like?
See pictures below.

They look like pieces of junk!! Are these jitneys actually driveable?
Yes. These are all vehicles we use every day on our farm.

What is a jitney used for?
Jitneys are used to move things around the farm - especially workers, ladders and other farm tools & equipment, and most importantly fruit and vegetables.

Where do jitneys come from?
The perfect jitney is a car or truck that runs well, requires few repairs and costs very little. We are always on the lookout for suitable candidates as the lifespan of the average jitney is limited. The work is hard, the maintenance can be minimal. Once a vehicle is found, we remove the body-from the steering wheel and back, and replace it with a wooden platform secured to the vehicle's frame.

Are jitneys fun to drive?
Of course not! Jitneys are strictly for work.
Cruising through the orchards, feeling the sun on your neck, the breeze in your face, speeding down the rows, grabbing fruit off the trees to sample, ducking under branches, splashing through puddles, outrunning the rain ... does this sound like fun?

Each of the jitneys in our fleet comes with a history, a story, a past ...
Former jitneys are often remembered with fondness - especially the ones we learned to drive on.
A jitney that runs well is something to be enjoyed and appreciated,
because ...
A jitney broken down and needing repairs is not uncommon.

Jitneys - gotta have them!

In this day of high gas prices and increasing environmental awareness, and to increase physical activity,
my favoured means of travelling around the farm is...

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