Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomato update

I keep looking at the calender these days to check the date - it really is still June!
But the crops are talking July!

Things on the farm are about 2 weeks ahead of last season and the work is piling up.
I need my high school students now - but they are still writing exams!

This past week we picked our 1st sweet cherries.
Peaches are being thinned, plums are being thinned, pears are being thinned and suckered. Tomatoes are being suckered and tied.

About 1 month ago I blogged about planting tomatoes.
After planting we received plenty of rain so we have not had to water them yet. We cultivated several times, then we mulched, staked and now we sucker & tie - again & again...

This close up shows lots of small tomatoes already formed. Lots of blossoms too.

The plants are healthy & lush, and we are optimistic for a great harvest!

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