Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Winds of Change

The extreme winds we experienced just over 2 weeks ago brought several lasting changes to our farm.

First of all, we experienced no damage to trees or buildings from the storm. For this we are very grateful.

We are still without internet access, thus the reason for not updating this blog for so long. The winds knocked down a tower of our internet provider and they are in the process of rebuilding it. While we realize that this is not our internet provider`s fault, we are disappointed in the lack of accurate information they are willing to provide their customers.
This blog entry is being written at my inlaws house. Travelling to someone else`s house to read email, check farming news, the weather forecast... certainly is inefficient, inconvenient & ineffective. Hopefully within a week things will be back to normal.

The good change that the wind brought was to dry up the ground and allow us on the land to carry out the necessary work of spring - discing, cultivating, seeding & planting. We are even able to drive around the farm without the danger of getting stuck! We have enjoyed some days of sunshine and increasing temperatures. Things are moving in the orchards and we are excited!

Here are some pictures of the changes & growth happening at Thiessen Farms.

These are plum blossoms. Notice the difference in the amount of blooms between the 2 rows. The trees on the left yellow plums - Early Goldens, and the trees on the right are red plums - Vanier.

The pink blossoms are peaches - some have larger, pale pink blooms, while other varieties are smaller and a darker pink colour.

Sweet cherries.

We feared for our hoophouse during the wind storm but it is still standing.

The vegetables are starting to really grow!

More news to come - once we are back online.


  1. Wow! How lovely to see all the blooms and growth since my visit. It was wonderful to be at the farm again. I have been very delinquent with story barn because I am doing instead. Our big booth at the Mennonite Assembly is coming on fast! Blessings to all of you, and keep up the lovely photos. Hoop house shot is my favorite.

  2. Sorry to hear about the internet troubles, but thanks for sharing the blossom photos!

    Looking forward to your return to the North York market.