Thursday, June 2, 2011


We finally appear to be back online, so ... I guess it's time to blog - to show some pictures and talk about what's happening here at Thiessen Farms. Where to begin ...?

The blossoms we showed in our last posting are long gone now and the fruit is forming and growing quickly. These pictures were all taken within the last week.



sweet cherries

While the weather during blossom time was often cloudy, wet, and cool, it appears that most fruit had a decent set and we can expect a reasonable crop. We are told that the bees only need a couple of hours of sunshine & warm temperatures to do their work and pollinate the blossoms. I guess that's really true!

The trees we planted about a month ago are mostly growing well too.



I am not sure if these 2 pear trees will make it or not, as they were sitting in water for quite some time.

The weeds are especially growing well. All the rains we have received and now the sunshine and warmer temperatures are causing a real weed epidemic. They are growing faster than the vegetables and some major work will be required. It is finally dry enough that we can begin hoeing and hand weeding.

In the orchards the weeds are also growing very rapidly under the trees.

But some weeds are more beautiful - and we actually enjoy them!

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  1. Re: the bees, do you bring in outside bees to help or just rely on what nature provides?

    Do you mulch under the trees? It looks like it might be there and it's just super weedy?