Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Japanese Beetles

They're back!

Japanese beetles, those very miserable bugs that turn the raspberry leaves into lace & then munch on the raspberries themselves.

They return each year during the raspberry season, causing their damage and bringing grief to farmer & picker alike.

Chemical control is out of the question, and so we hang traps that attract the beetles and catch them in the bags. Perhaps they attract even more beetles. Some say to hang the traps in your neighbours farm to lure them there.

Other than the multitudes of Japanese beetles, the raspberry harvest is going well. The crop is good, the quality is good and they taste fantastic!


  1. I nearly ate one of these last week. I found one burrowed into a berry. I've been thoroughly checking out all berries not before popping them into my mouth. He was a big boy in a tiny berry, with just his butt and hind legs sticking out.

  2. I'm guessing they are not as tasty as the raspberries!Keep checking!