Monday, July 4, 2011

Suddenly summer

Suddenly it's summer ... with the hot, humid southern Ontario weather that we all love, and the crops ripening!

Until now, anything we have harvested has been green - lettuce (well, also red), spinach, arugula & other herbs, garlic scapes & snow peas.

Now we begin to see some colour - and we're excited!
We are picking sweet cherries and raspberries.

The crop is poor on the first variety - it was too cold & wet during blossom time for the bees to pollinate them. Trees like these are only yielding
1 or 2 baskets instead of 12 - 18.

The wet weather first caused the blossoms to rot, and then the cherries, and this has continued till now.

The birds are also enjoying the cherries.

The crop looks more promising on some of the later varieties.

The raspberries are looking real good - a great crop with good quality. If the drier weather continues, we can expect a fine harvest!

We  found our first ripe cherry tomatoes - Sungold of course.

There is zucchini & swiss chard ready, with beans, beets & carrots not far off.

The harvest has begun!


  1. Fantastic! The cherries were marvelous -- and your tip for getting the fruit stains out worked wonders! I'm going to have to try it on some of what I thought were permastains and see how well it works on them too.

    BTW, I took some video of you today working with the cherries at the market -- any problem if I post that on youtube?

  2. Hey Chris,
    Glad the stains came out.
    No problem posting the video - was I actually working?
    A better video would be your kids sitting on the bench & eating our cherries - great advertising!