Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Signs of fall

Summer is definitely over ...

There is only 1 row of peaches left to be picked.

Most of the orchards look empty, like this.

We are still picking tomatoes, but the plants are weary & fading fast.

The blackberry canes are mostly empty - only the odd plant still has berries worth picking.

The vegetable patch has been mowed down except for some lonely swiss chard, carrots ...

Yes, summer is definitely over ... but fall is here.

And fall means squash & pumpkins & gourds.
Remember the crooked rows of squash all newly planted 3 short months ago?

Those squash plants grew & flourished.
The weeds grew & flourished.
Whether or not there was any squash under all the greenery was a mystery. Busy with the fruit harvest, we took no time to check and see. The odd runner headed toward the pathway and a few squash appeared. Was there more?

Then about a month ago the mildew appeared and the plants started dying back.
We began to see the crop.
Now the plants are dried up and here is what we see ...

Our fall harvest looks abundant and bountiful !


  1. Guess I never think of pears Johnny, since I don't eat them. Bartlett, Bosc & Flemish Beauty are all picked. Tomorrow the Harrow Sweet will be picked. Then pears are done too!